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Seeking financial counseling or assistance? Neighborhood Trust works with clients to decrease their debt, increase their savings, improve their credit profile, and work towards long-term goals. To make an appointment with a Neighborhood Trust Financial Advisor call: 212-927-5771 extension 200, or read more about our programs below.

The Getting Ahead Program

The Getting Ahead program connects low-income New Yorkers to productive banking services, a financial plan, and a trusted relationship with an expert Financial Advisor. This program is based Neighborhood Trust’s integration model and incorporates influences of behavioral economics and outcomes-driven financial counseling. Getting Ahead empowers clients to build a financial plan that is actionable, and access building-block financial products–our “Gateway Banking” package–to improve money management skills and build a healthy personal balance sheet. Across New York City, this program is delivered via partnerships with leading nonprofits. Across host partner environments, we demonstrate how Getting Ahead is relevant to their clients’ needs, enabling them to achieve their own mission more effectively.

Click here to sign up for a Getting Ahead workshop.

Click here to become a Getting Ahead partner.

New York City Financial Empowerment Center

Neighborhood Trust is the lead provider of New York City’s Financial Empowerment Centers (FEC) initiative. Neighborhood Trust operates fifteen sites as part of FEC’s citywide network of centers providing financial education and supports to all New Yorkers. Via 311, New Yorkers with urgent financial issues are referred to FEC sites where Neighborhood Trust’s trained financial counselors deliver free one-on-one financial counseling.

Click here for more information about our FEC Sites.

The Credit Union Financial Advisory Services

Neighborhood Trust’s Credit Union Extension Program places an expert Financial Advisor in credit unions citywide (Brooklyn COOP, Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union, Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union), providing members with individualized counseling as part of their banking experience. The offering serves as a complement to the credit union’s core competency in delivering financial services. By integrating financial advisory services into credit union operations we are able to create an avenue towards better utilization of the more advanced financial services offered.

Our goal is that all credit union members have the broader financial knowledge and self-confidence necessary to apply financial services to the achievement of long-term wealth creation goals.