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The Employer Solution™

Strengthening the financial health of working Americans and the companies that employ them

employer-solution-clientIn 2012 Neighborhood Trust launched The Employer Solution™, pursuing contracts with large-scale employers as a more powerful channel to deliver financial services and alter the financial behavior of low-income families. We provide employers with a blueprint to transform the payroll and benefits process into a win-win: cost-savings to the employer and smarter investment of every dollar earned for the low-wage worker.

“How could you not be inspired by Neighborhood Trust? They’re doing great work helping hard-working employees like our front-line workers at Five Guys, to understand the complexity of managing personal finances. We’re happy to be able to offer their service to our employees.”

-Andy Duddleston, Aurify Brands

Key Features of The Employer Solution™

  • Banks low-wage workers more effectively by linking financial support services to payroll and electronic banking services.
  • Achieves scale via select employer partners providing access to thousands of workers per work site.
  • Pursues sustainability through a revenue stream linked to the employer’s cost savings that result from a more financially informed, productive and loyal workforce.

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