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Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners (formerly Credit Where Credit Is Due) was founded in 1994 in response to the growing financial disenfranchisement of Upper Manhattan. Since its inception, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners’ financial empowerment programs have provided clients with the products and counseling services to change their financial future. The signature Financial Empowerment Integration Program is delivered in coordination with Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union, a community development credit union (CDCU), and other community organizations so that financial counseling and products are trusted, easy to access and delivered in tandem with other support services.

Corporate_Office_025In 2012, with the generous support of a cohort of funders, including Robin Hood and The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Neighborhood Trust moved into a new home in the Triangle Building at 1112 St. Nicholas Avenue in Washington Heights. Our new home provides an expanded and modern work space, increased visibility in the community, and improved accessibility to the Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union.

Since relocating to our new offices, Neighborhood Trust has grown rapidly, hiring 12 new Financial Advisors and launching two new initiatives: the Trust Card Program and a social venture called The Employer Solution. Today, Neighborhood Trust’s financial empowerment programs are delivered at more than 40 partners citywide, reaching an estimated 6,000 clients annually.