Midtown Community Court: Restorative Justice through Financial Counseling

Neighborhood Trust’s Michelle Morillo, a Supervisor/Senior Financial Empowerment Counselor, posted a blog about her work providing financial counseling at Midtown Community Court. She writes,

“My main motivation comes from coaching others and watching them succeed. Many of them go on to gain employment, and their work with me gives them a strong foundation to rebuild trust in the financial system and accomplish their financial goals. And they feel more confident to become engaged with their families for the first time in years. That’s the most important outcome for me!”

Link: http://www.midtownjustice.org/2016/11/restorative-justice-through-financial.html

Midtown Community Court

By Michelle Morillo

Restorative justice is about more than making offenders pay their debts to society. It’s about the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large. That […]

Used and Abused by the Used Car Industry

Department of Consumer Affairs and Council Member Espinal Hold Hearing to Shine Light on Consumers Being Scammed Out of Millions

NEW YORK, NY—Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) Commissioner Lorelei Salas and Council Member Rafael L. Espinal, Jr. today hosted a public hearing on predatory lending in the used car industry. From crushingly high interest rates to high-pressure sales tactics, consumers are being scammed out of millions of dollars. This hearing featured testimony from consumers who have been harmed, as well as national experts on predatory lending, who together demonstrated the scope of the problem, which will inform possible solutions at the local level. The hearing was hosted in Long Island City, where there is the largest concentration of licensed used car dealerships.

“For many families, especially those with low incomes, […]

Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners And FlexWage Solutions Announce Partnership to Develop WageGoal, a Trusted FinTech Product for Working Americans

WageGoal. Same Pay. More Power.

WageGoal provides budgeting, cash flow management and access to earned wages so employees enjoy more power with their existing pay.

New York, NY – September 29, 2016

Neighborhood Trust and FlexWage Solutions today announced an official partnership demonstrating the exciting potential of a mission driven non-profit and a for-profit tech company joining forces. The partnership shows a commitment to social impact, while proving market value. WageGoal, a mobile product currently in design and testing, will help employers provide employees access to their earned wages on demand, with financial guidance, to help them use the same pay with more power.

“We believe WageGoal is the most innovative financial wellness product since companies started providing 401(k) […]

City’s Tech Whizzes Should Create an Uber for the Unbanked

Massive tech-inspired reductions in the high rates of financially under-served New Yorkers are not unrealistic. Considering that 96 percent of New York city residents have a cellphone—higher than the national average—perhaps a mobile solution is a start. One model would be the approach taken by Neighborhood Trust, a Washington Heights non-profit specializing in financial literacy and empowerment for low-income New Yorkers. In concert with Cardwell Beach, a Brooklyn-based development team, they're managing to help hundreds of NYC residents access resources and track goals via mobile apps that reduce the need for face-to-face financial counseling sessions. Clients map out income and expenses, set up automated savings accounts, gain access to credit unions, and receive assistance paying off high-interest debt. [...]

Introducing the Citi® ATM Community Network: Expanding ATM access for 300,000+

A note from Bob Annibale, Global Director, Citi Community Development and Inclusive Finance

Last week, Citi unveiled the Citi® ATM Community Network, a new pilot program that will allow more than 300,000 clients of 15 minority-owned banks and credit unions to withdraw cash without surcharge fees at 2,400 Citibank branch ATMs in the United States including those in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

By removing surcharge fees, we reduce transaction costs for clients, expand access and improve convenience. The concept may be simple but the potential impact can be significant.

Take Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union for example, which is one of the Network’s participating credit unions. Based in New York City, Neighborhood Trust serves predominantly Latino immigrant communities in West Harlem, Washington Heights and […]

CFE Fund: Making the Case for Database Investments for Financial Counseling Consistency


The CFE Fund published Neighborhood Trust‘s essay on the importance of investing in a database to further professionalize organizations in the financial counseling field. In the essay, Chief Program Officer Sarah Sable and Director of Program Design Alana Perrone discuss the results of Neighborhood Trust’s investment in building a consistent and comprehensive Salesforce database, which included enhanced customer service, a better-supported professional staff and  a more automated workflow. 

Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners is the leading provider of financial empowerment services for low-income New Yorkers, directly serving approximately 6,000 clients each year. By connecting clients to productive banking services and a personalized Financial Action Plan, we help families reduce debt, build credit, and pursue financial goals. We work with leading nonprofits and government agencies to integrate financial services […]