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WHAT WE DO: The Challenge | Our Approach | Our Impact | Vision/Philosophy

Our Approach

Neighborhood Trust is New York City’s premier provider of financial empowerment services. For more than 15 years we have integrated financial counseling and supports into settings and programs that low-income people trust, where financial supports are relevant, meaningful, and actionable.

We don’t just counsel or educate—we help our clients to roll up their sleeves and take action. We work with them to build financial plans, change financial behavior, and access our growing roster of socially responsible financial products—the “Gateway Banking” package—designed to encourage savings and reduce debt. Our Financial Empowerment Integration Model is now considered an industry best practice.

Our vision is a world in which relevant and effective financial services are integrated into people’s everyday lives so that improved money management and financial mobility are the default outcome.

Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union

Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union is a nonprofit, cooperative financial institution dedicated to the predominantly Latino immigrant communities of Washington Heights, Inwood and West Harlem. We are one of over 200 community development credit unions (CDCUs) in the U.S., all of which share a commitment to financial empowerment and cooperative asset accumulation in low-income communities.

Individuals and businesses who join our credit union, become shareholders who are directly supporting community reinvestment and who can actively engage in the direction of the institution over time.

Our Financial Advisory Services

Neighborhood Trust’s vision is to institutionalize financial education as a fundamental component of economic development initiatives–and to promote an action-oriented model which includes financial products and services sensitive to the nontraditional financial behavior of marginalized communities.

In 2003, we launched our Community Partnership service delivery model. We deliver financial counseling and education programs within complementary community partners so that our financial services are a means to an end, such as securing housing stability, entrepreneurship, a stable retirement, or a child’s education. Our programs all combine structured, formal curricula and counseling guidelines with a program design that prioritizes adaptation to our partners’ clientele and existing programs. Methodical planning with our partners eliminates gaps or redundancy in services and ensures that each agency provides only their complementary expertise, maximizing the benefit to the participants.

Today Neighborhood Trust has an excellent track record with this model. We annually reach over 6,000 individuals via over 40 partners.