Partner With Us

Neighborhood Trust welcomes the opportunity to partner with new organizations – nonprofits, for-profits, credit unions, and government agencies – to bring our innovative financial empowerment services and products to new clients.

The Employer Solution™

The Employer Solution™ is a social venture which integrates Neighborhood Trust’s signature financial empowerment services directly into the workplace. By integrating financial counseling and services in the workplace, we are able to better equip employees with the tools and supports needed to take control of their financial futures and make them more productive workers.

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Email Sherazade Langlade for more information about how to become an Employer Solution™ partner.

The Getting Ahead Program

In our Getting Ahead program Neighborhood Trust integrates our signature personal finance curriculum into existing, trusted community services to create a seamless offering between our content and that of our partners’ existing program. The 5-week Getting Ahead workshop includes group instruction, confidential one-on-one counseling, connection to useful banking products and a long-term relationship with an expert Neighborhood Trust Financial Advisor.

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Email Adria Schmidt to learn more about bringing Getting Ahead to your organization or community.

The Trust Card Program™

The Trust Card Program™ is Neighborhood Trust’s new, debt reduction credit card product. Designed in conjunction with Innovations for Poverty Actions (IPA) and issued through our unique partnership with Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union, the Trust Card allows users to pay off high-interest debt, repair their credit, and establish a more manageable repayment schedule appropriate to their financial circumstances.  The Trust Card applies behavioral economic principles to create a socially responsible credit card product that provides access to credit only in proportion to a client’s demonstrated ability to manage and pay down debt.  The card has unique payment terms with an upfront commitment device that encourages the aggressive repayment of principal and that sets firm credit limits based on the customer’s financial profile.

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Email Marcia Caban to learn more about partnering with Neighborhood Trust and how to offer the Trust Card™ at your financial institution.

Current Partners

Neighborhood Trust is proud to provide our financial empowerment services to a diverse collection of communities and organizations.