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The Trust Card Program™
Get debt-free. Stay debt-free. And save thousands of dollars in interest.

IMG_5423sqIn 2012 Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners launched The Trust Card Program™. Designed in conjunction with Innovations for Poverty Actions (IPA) and issued through our unique partnership with Neighborhood Trust Federal Credit Union, The Trust Card Program™ allows users to pay off high-interest debt, repair their credit, and establish a more manageable repayment schedule appropriate to their financial circumstances. The Trust Card Program™ applies behavioral economic principles to create a socially responsible credit card product that provides access to credit only in proportion to a client’s demonstrated ability to manage and pay down debt. The card has unique payment terms with an upfront commitment device that encourages the aggressive repayment of principal and that sets firm credit limits based on the customer’s financial profile.

Key Features of The Trust Card Program™

1. Trusted Advisor: experienced Financial Counselor customizes budget and helps client through application process
2. Commitment Contract: simple, transparent product encourages client to sign Commitment Contract to use debt responsibly
3. Rapid Repayment: fixed and manageable monthly payments reduce total interest paid and shrink time-to-debt-freedom
4. Reasonable Credit Limit: available credit reduced to match budget, additional credit “earned” through repayment
5. Ongoing Support and Monitoring: Financial Counselor supports client throughout, CU ensures responsible credit usage

Click here to view a webinar on the Trust Card Program™