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Seeking Financial Coaching?

Neighborhood Trust works with individuals to decrease their debt, increase their savings, improve their credit profile, and work towards long-term goals. You can read more about our programs, and how to sign up for a financial coaching session, in the descriptions here.

Neighborhood Trust programs for clients


TrustPlus is Neighborhood Trust’s workplace financial coaching benefit. If your employer offers TrustPlus, please contact your employer’s benefits administrator for the signup link, or e-mail [email protected].

If you have already registered for TrustPlus and have an account, click here to log in to the Action Plan.

If your employer doesn’t offer TrustPlus but you’d like to learn more about how to bring this service to your workplace, email [email protected].

Pathways to Financial Empowerment

Pathways is a program, in conjunction with Inclusiv, that offers free financial coaching to credit union members. Click here to learn more about Pathways and to see if this program is available at your local credit union.

Contact Christopher Starr at [email protected] with any questions about Pathways.

New York City Financial Empowerment Centers

Neighborhood Trust is the lead provider of New York City’s Financial Empowerment Centers (FEC) initiative. Neighborhood Trust operates several sites as part of FEC’s citywide network of centers providing financial education and support to all New Yorkers. New Yorkers with financial issues can visit FEC sites, where Neighborhood Trust’s trained financial coaches deliver free one-on-one financial coaching.

Click here to sign up for a session.

Click here for more information about our FEC sites.

The Getting Ahead Program

The Getting Ahead program is a multi-week workshop that combines financial education and one-on-one financial coaching. Through this program, New Yorkers are connected to productive banking services, a financial plan, and a trusted relationship with an expert financial coach. Getting Ahead empowers clients to build a financial plan that is actionable, and provides access to building-block financial products — our Gateway Banking package — to improve money management skills and build a healthy balance sheet.  Across New York City, this program is delivered via partnerships with leading nonprofits.

Click here to sign up for a Getting Ahead workshop.