Thousands of New Yorkers have enrolled in the city’s new municipal identification card program since it launched Monday, and more than 50,000 others have booked appointments to learn how it can give them access to key city services they were previously unable to obtain, officials said Friday.
The card, dubbed IDNYC, was approved last year and is aimed at those who do not currently have a government-issued ID, including the elderly, homeless and an estimated 500,000 immigrants in the city who live in the U.S. without legal documentation.

Mayor de Blasio hailed the program, the largest of its kind in the nation, as a “gateway to city services,” enabling those otherwise lacking documentation to have acces to crucial benefits and participate in all aspects of civic life.

New Yorkers without IDs lined up all week to apply for them. On Friday, the line included one person whose job is to deliver food but can’t get into most buildings without a government-issued ID and an Upper West Side resident who wants one in order to get access to museum discounts. A grandmother waiting in line said she needed an ID to pick up her grandchildren from school.

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