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Staff Directory

Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners
(212) 927-5771

Business Development

Kryn Anderson
Director of Business Planning and Analysis
email Kryn Anderson
extension 216

Sandra Chanduvi
Senior Director of Programs
email Sandra Chanduvi
extension 221

Mary Coker
Full Stack Engineer
email Mary Coker

Milagros DuBouchet
Milagros DuBouchet
Business Development Manager
email Milagros DuBouchet
extension 615

Jason Glastetter
Service Experience Designer
email Jason Glastetter

Brendon Kinney
Relationship Manager
email Brendon Kinney
extension 225

Tien Nguyen
Business Development Associate
email Tien Nguyen
extension 218

Griselys Nuñez
Manager, Pathways Program
email Griselys Nuñez
extension 608

Alana Perrone
Director of Technical Assistance and Program Design
email Alana Perrone
extension 212

Wendy Rodriguez
PayGoal Manager
email Wendy Rodriguez
extension 204

Adria Schmidt
Director of Business Development
email Adria Schmidt
extension 288

Steve Silverstein
Technical Product Manager
email Steven Silverstein

Christopher Starr
Associate Director, Pathways Program
email Christopher Starr
extension 254

Annafi Wahed
Senior Business Analyst
email Annafi Wahed
extension 261

Executive Staff

Jé Carr
Chief Business Development Officer
email Jé Carr
extension 218

Carl Curran
Chief Operating Officer
email Carl Curran
extension 295

Sarah Sable
Chief Program Officer
email Sarah Sable
extension 217

Justine Zinkin
Chief Executive Officer
email Justine Zinkin
extension 213

External Relations

Chi Anunwa
Chi Anunwa
Development Associate
email Chi Anunwa
extension 299

Heather Goode
Associate Director for Institutional Giving
email Heather Goode
extension 280

Finance and Operations

Priscilla Canela
email Priscilla Canela

Luke Feldman
Director of Human Resources
email Luke Feldman
extension 205

Willie Vega
Fiscal Management Consultant
email Willie Vega

Rashawna Wilson
Rashawna Wilson
Operations Administrator
email Rashawna Wilson
extension 620

Kathery Zapata
Associate Director-Finance
email Kathery Zapata
extension 208


Financial Counselors

Amauris Belen

Financial Counselor
email Amauris Belen
extension 600

Iliana Diaz
Iliana Diaz
Senior Financial Counselor
email Iliana Diaz
extension 605

Justin Enany
Project Manager / Financial Counselor
email Justin Enany
extension 612

John Figueroa
Senior Financial Counselor
email John Figueroa
(917) 822-5710

Hector Hidalgo
Senior Financial Counselor
email Hector Hidalgo
extension 609

Samantha Kinney
Senior Financial Counselor
email Samantha Kinney
extension 618

Michelle Morillo
Senior Financial Counselor
email Michelle Morillo
(646) 264-1365

Elizabeth Olaya
Financial Counselor
email Elizabeth Olaya
extension 606

Ana Paez
Senior Financial Counselor
email Ana Paez
extension 602

Margarita Pascual
Financial Counselor
email Margarita Pascual
extension 614

Fitz Restituyo
Senior Financial Counselor
email Fitz Restituyo
extension 317

Edwin Reyes
Financial Counselor
email Edwin Reyes
extension 607

Bernard Saavedra
Senior Financial Counselor
email Bernard Saavedra
extension 603

Julianna Samper
Senior Financial Counselor
email Julianna Samper
extension 613

Ivania Teran
Senior Financial Counselor
email Ivania Teran
extension 610

Sol Vilera-Ramos
Sol Vilera-Ramos
Financial Counselor
email Sol Vilera-Ramos
extension 619

Sarah Dlugolecki
Sarah Wen
Financial Counselor
email Sarah Wen
extension 617


Brigid Brannigan
Director of Programs
email Brigid Brannigan
extension 206

Matthew Conan
Associate Director of Programs, Data and Analytics
email Matthew Conan
extension 210

Eric Espinoza
Associate Director of Programs
email Eric Espinoza
extension 231

Ashley Jones
Associate Director, Salesforce
email Ashley Jones
extension 209

Matthew Konsa
Associate Director of Programs
email Matthew Konsa
extension 201

Edward Larkin
Database Administrator
email Edward Larkin

Ana Meza
Program Coordinator
email Ana Meza
extension 601

Jose Miranda
Program Manager, Trusted Advisor
email Jose Miranda
extension 203

Elio Pichardo
Associate Director of Programs, Partnerships
email Elio Pichardo
extension 207

Karini Ramirez
Program Assistant
email Karini Ramirez