Neighborhood Trust is excited to launch a new video — watch it now on our redesigned home page.

The video covers many angles of our work, team, impact, and plans for growth, but here are a few highlights:

The Problem: Understand the size and consequence of the issue Neighborhood Trust is working to correct. For example, did you know that “the financially underserved spend 10% of their income on predatory financial services … the same percentage that average American household spends on food”?

Clients: Meet Angel Tablac, Marcus Harvey, Jeannette Steadman, Linda Catlett, and Tonia Boyd – a sample of the clients served by Neighborhood Trust.

Impact: Hear from Angel Tablac about the ways that Neighborhood Trust’s services changed her life. “…In one year after speaking with Tyler form NTFP I am freer of debt, I got married, a month after we got pregnant, bought a car, I am expecting a baby very soon, and we are looking for a house.”

Case for Investment: “The thing that differentiates Neighborhood Trust is that it is not like the next day the customer is back where they started. If we do this right we create permanent behaviors to exit poverty forever.” That’s from Neighborhood Trust Board Chair and CEO of Magnitude Capital, Ben Appen, talking about how Neighborhood Trust’s approach is fundamentally different than other organizations.

The Employer Solution: Visit Five Guys on 34th street and hear from Andy Duddleston, Operating Partner, on how workplace-based financial counseling matters to his business and his staff. Andy says, “…

[my staff] Come to work with less outside financial issues and struggles which allows us to run a more sustainable, stable business.”

Financial Advisors: We know that our team is our most valuable asset. In the video you have a chance to see Tyler Phillips at work, along with our entire outstanding team.

Scale: Neighborhood Trust is driving towards scale. Hear CEO and President of Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund Jonathan Mintz comment on Neighborhood Trust’s business and growth potential.

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