Neighborhood Trust is thrilled to announce a two-year, $650,000 grant from JPMorgan Chase, through its Foundation. The grant supports our direct service work with low-income clients in New York City and efforts to scale The Employer Solution, including the build out of PayGoal, our technology solution for the workplace.

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“Embedding financial coaching into existing, trusted services, such as the workplace, is a great way to help low-income households improve their financial health,” said Colleen Briggs, Vice President, Financial Capability Initiatives, JPMorgan Chase. “We are proud to support Neighborhood Trust’s work to expand access to their proven model that integrates financial coaching into other relevant services. Our support will enable them to serve more consumers by using technology to test virtual coaching services and to expand The Employer Solution to deliver financial capability services at the workplace.”

Neighborhood Trust is grateful for this generous support and the opportunity to deepen our work with JPMorgan Chase in service of our mission.

To learn more or bring The Employer Solution to your employees, or contact Marcia Caban at [email protected] / 212-927-5771 ext 261.