By Milly DuBouchet, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners

Managers are usually the first to realize when an employee is facing personal hardship.

If you manage people, you’re probably nodding your head.

You get close to your staff. You get invested in them. And they trust you with personal stories.

They look to you to help define their career paths, transition to their next roles and opportunities, improve their skills, be their champion, and above all else, help them love coming to work.

When I became a manager, I took the responsibility veryseriously.

But it wasn’t until 6 months ago when I realized…

As a manager, I’m also in a unique position of authority where people will ask for advice — not just with guidance in the workplace, but also life outside of it.

When you realize that your employees have a deeper expectation of you than just performance sheets or timecards… you want to be prepared to give your best advice.

And this is especially true with financial hardships.

Financial stress impacts productivity, happiness, and overall morale.

But the challenge with money is, it’s extremely difficult to speak up and say you’re struggling with it. It’s so private.

So, we put together the major warning signs that employees could be financially stressed or in need of some guidance managing their money.

And if you see these signs, we ask that you help your employees connect with a professional they can feel safe with, trust, and can speak to, completely confidential.

See how our nonprofit can help.

Could Your Team Be Under Financial Stress?

Could Your Team Be Under Financial Stress

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