Allison Sesso and Justine Zinkin at White House

“What an honor to join Vice President Kamala Harris and Allison Sesso of RIP Medical Debt at The White House to announce reforms to medical debt,” says Justine Zinkin, CEO, Neighborhood Trust. “The reforms:

  • Help hold medical providers and debt collectors accountable for harmful practices;
  • Reduce the role that medical debt plays in whether Americans can access credit;
  • Help over half a million of low-income American veterans get their medical debt forgiven; and
  • Inform consumers of their rights.

Congratulations to RIP Medical Debt for this historic advocacy win which would not have happened without your leadership, and to all mission-aligned organizations involved in the fight! We at Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners are proud to be RIP Medical Debt’s partner in righting this ‘uniquely American injustice’ that now harms one-in-three adults nationwide.”